Chapter 9

Network setup and management

We will learn required basic knowledge and administration commands for having Linux connected to network. Concretely saying, ping command, traceroute command, ifconfig command, nslookup command, and /etc/rc.d/init.d/network script will be explained as administration commands.

Contents of this Chapter

9.1 TCP/IP
9.1.1 Local Area Network and Wide Area Network
9.1.2 IP
9.1.3 TCP and UDP
9.1.4 IP address
9.1.5 Class of IP address
9.1.6 Private IP address
9.1.7 Subnet Mask
9.1.8 Checking Network Routing
9.1.9 Network Interface
9.1.10 Check IP address
9.1.11 IP address Configuration File (RedHat Linux)
9.1.12 IP address Configuration File (Debian GNU/Linux)
9.1.13 Interface Setup
9.1.14 Checking Network Routes
9.1.15 Changing Network Routes
9.1.16 Setup by using DNS
9.1.17 Name(FQDN)
9.1.18 Port Number
9.1.19 Confirm services
9.1.20 Network Security Setup
9.1.21 Firewall Setup
9.2 Exercise
9.3 The chapter test

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