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This document is being translated from a Japanese teaching material, of which copyright belongs to LPI-Japan (NPO), by volunteers.


Now, NPO LPI-Japan has developed a "Linux Standard Textbook" for the purpose of using it for educating Linux engineers, released it on the Internet and offered it. This "Linux standard textbook" has been developed in response to requests from various ed-ucational institutions, for learning materials and learning environments to learn Linux from "basic". When publishing, it is published under the license (Creative Commons License) attached to "Linux standard textbook". This teaching material will be updated from time to time in order to respond to the latest technology trends. For text creation and updating, anyone can participate in the open discus-sion mailing list and wiki. URL of the mailing list Linux Standard Textbook Wiki


Kenji OKADA (writing)

I have engaged in user, administrator and training for 15 years since I first touched UNIX / Linux. This text is actually I used the explanation method I used, and integrated the know-how I have got. I hope that it will be of help to teachers involved in development and train-ing for Linux engineer through LPIC.

Yoshiharu KAWAI (writing)

When I taught Linux, because many knowledge and explanation are necessary and the con-tent of the back and forth are intertwined complicatedly, I had a hard time to select text or used teaching material made by myself. I wrote this book with aiming to be easy-to-use order by selecting useful items practically from a lot of content. It would be greatly appreciated if it could be used as one of choices of the school teaching material or personal material.

Masayoshi KAMATAKI (style and layout)

This textbook was made by using the word processor function of which is office suite of open source. I took charge of the style that was able to manage the format and the layout easily. Authors might have been able to concentrate on writing the manuscript. It would be greatly appreci-ated if could play a part of spread of OSS.

Toru MIYAHARA (illustration and project management)

This textbook was made so that it can be a help for everyone who will study Linux/OSS and teachers who ardently undertaken them. It would be greatly appreciated if you send the im-pression and suggestions for improvement in order to be a better textbook by revising in a few times in the future.


All Rights Reserved. Copyright(C) The Linux Professional Institute Japan.



The copyright of this teaching material belongs to the NPO LPI-Japan. All Rights Reserved. Copyright(C) The Linux Professional Institute Japan.

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Please use this teaching material without alteration. Modifications to this teaching material are made by groups designated by NPO LPI-Japan or organizations which are admitted by LPI-Japan. Feedback is done on a mailing list where anyone can join, please actively partici-pate.


This textbook can be used as teaching material freely except for profit-pursuing purpose (*). To use for profit-pursuing purpose needs a permission by LPI-Japan. Education using this material can be used basically even for profit-oriented education if you do not charge the price of this material itself. In that case, please do not hesitate to contact LPI-Japan secretariat. (*) Use for profit-making purposes stipulates as follows. To conduct a training or a lecture using copies of this teaching material at a commercial en-terprise, or to use for a fee-based seminar etc. at a non-profit organization.

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