Service Management in DX era

  Structure of the Book

Structure of this book

In the DX era, it is required to differentiate by building a continuous value exchange system while providing more valuable services.
To convey that, Chapters 1 through 3 explain the basic concepts of the Digital Transformation, Service Management, and Lean, respectively.
Chapter 4 In the era of value co-creation, we will highlight recent methods for realizing valuable services.
Chapter 5 Leaning of IT Processes and Chapter 6 In the Evolving IT World, we will introduce the evolved IT world to create value faster and grow bigger.
In the final Chapter 7, Management in the DX Era, we will consider service management for the survival of an organization in the DX Era based on recent statistical results.   

Chapter 1 The Age of the Digital Transformation

It explains what the digital transformation is. First, the purpose of this chapter is to provide a common understanding of the background of the DX era, which is the theme of this book.   

Chapter 2 What is Service Management?

It explains the concept of service management and its purpose. The goal of this chapter is to help readers understand the role and importance of service management.

Chapter 3 What is Lean?

It explains the background behind the idea of ​​lean and why lean is important for corporate management. We will consider the state of the organization that a company should aim for in order to generate profits and survive.

Chapter 4 The Age of Value Co-creation

The main theme is the creation of service value. Learn why companies are required to build long-term relationships with their customers. The goal of this chapter is to help you understand market trends that are shifting from an era of product differentiation in terms of functionality and quality to an era of appealing to customer emotions and preferences.

Chapter 5 Leaning IT Processes

Focus on the flow of value of the service. We will explain lean thinking and its practice, and explain the issues that modern companies should tackle in the IT field.   

Chapter 6 The Evolving IT World

Introducing some technologies that have begun to spread to the market little by little in the last few years and are predictive of the next change. Learn what's happening in the IT world in just the last decade since the turn of the century.


Chapter 7 Management in the DX Era

Explain the importance of management involvement in service management. We will use the data published in recent years to discuss what is required of management.