This is a guidebook for ITIL practice for practitioners working on operational improvement. This book gradually controls the operational environment by incorporating characteristics common to companies practicing efficient operation into general companies. Introducing a novel approach to take. We will improve operational operations in the following four steps.

  • Control change and regain well-ordered operations
  • Clarify the relationship between business and infrastructure
  • Transform from a reactive organization to a proactive organization
  • Establish a mechanism to continuously improve operations

    ITIL Basics

    We made a book from ITIL's 5 core books, which explains service management to us with easy-to-understand expression. This book is composed of three parts. Part 1 explains the concept of "service management" so that people other than IT engineers can understand the value of ITIL. In the second part, the book explains important concepts in service management in line with the service management framework presented by ITIL in V3. And in the third part, for those who are going to take the qualification test, we have added a mock test and its explanation.

    ITIL Overview

    An overview of the five ITIL 2011 core books is given in plain text using charts. It comes with exercises that simulate the foundation exam (syllabus 2011) and can be used as a self-study book. The B5 version 300 pages, 15 mm thick text is easy to carry. The themes narrowed down from a wealth of information cover the required terms for the foundation exam. Edited based on the knowledge and experience of ITIL experts, it provides an easy-to-understand summary of important ITIL concepts to understand. ITIL Glossary and Abbreviation Glossary give you quick access to the information you need.

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