ITIL Overview

'ITIL Gaiyou(Overview)' covers ITIL core publication, by using clear figures, charts and lucid explanations. Topics which are selected based on ITIL exam Syllabus, and Mock exam for ITIL Foundation certification examination help you to prepare for it. It is about 300 pages, B5 size, 15mm thickness, portable handbook. Indices to key words, and quick references to ITIL terms and abbreviations help you to understand ITIL basic concepts easyly.


Visible Ops is a handbook designed to jumpstart implementation of controls and process improvement in IT organizations needing to increase service levels, decrease costs, and increase security and auditability. This book describes four prescriptive and self-fueling steps to take an organization from any starting point to a continually improving, controlled process. We have transrated 'The Visible Ops Handbook' into Japanese.

Visible Ops is the result of more than three years of studying high-performing IT operations and security organizations by the ITPI. Visible Ops illustrates how interested organizations might replicate the processes of these high-performing organizations in just four steps.

1. Stabilize Patient, Modify First Response
2. Catch and Release, Find Fragile Artifacts
3. Establish Repeatable Build Library
4. Enable Continuous Improvement