From an instructor of ITIL educational course in 2004, the OliveNet business operation has started. We will visit customer's site, and explain ITSM/ITIL for their purpose, with their materials and on their schedules - it does not change.

While 11 years have passed away from the beginning, we have expanded the width of activity little by little. Especially, in development of ITSM/ITIL educational course text, the texts which are edited briefly and easy to understand, have been appreciated as high quality.

Even in unpredictable IT world, there are some stable things. OliveNet respects such kind of truths, and will challenge new technologies continuously.

- Be honesty to the Customers
- Keep wide & deep knowledge and skills, as IT specialist
- Improve service quality continuously

We will create precious value, even if we are small.


ITSM Original Seminar(2015/05/19)

We are going to hold 'ITSM Overview' Seminar on 19th, May, 2015. Please refer here for details. If you are interested in it, please contact us.


2014/12/16 Our 'ITIL Overview' has been authorized as Third Party Complementary Product by AXELOS

You can find 'Olive Net - ITIL V3 Gaiyo - Overview' from AXELOS's Third Party Complementary Products list, if you click '+' mark of the ITIL(R) on the page.

2014/12/2 We have delivered OliveNet original one day training, which introduce OTRS as Integrated ITSM tool.
2009/12/17 'ITIL V3 Overview' has been authorized as licensed product of OGC by APMG's assessment.