VIsible Ops

Visible Ops is a handbook designed to jumpstart implementation of controls and process improvement in IT organizations needing to increase service levels, decrease costs, and increase security and auditability. Visible Ops describes four prescriptive and self-fueling steps to take an organization from any starting point to a continually improving, controlled process.

We have transrated 'The Visible Ops Handbook' into Japanese.

Visible Ops is the result of more than three years of studying high-performing IT operations and security organizations by the ITPI. Visible Ops illustrates how interested organizations might replicate the processes of these high-performing organizations in just four steps.

1. Stabilize Patient, Modify First Response

Almost 80% of outages are self-inflicted. The first step is to control risky changes and reduce MTTR by addressing how changes are managed and how problems are resolved.

2. Catch and Release, Find Fragile Artifacts

Often, infrastructure exists that cannot be repeatedly replicated. In this step, we inventory assets, configurations and services, to identify those with the lowest change success rates, highest MTTR and highest business downtime costs.

3. Establish Repeatable Build Library

The highest return on investment is implementing effective release management processes. This step creates repeatable builds for the most critical assets and services, to make it “cheaper to rebuild than to repair.”

4. Enable Continuous Improvement

The previous steps have progressively built a closed-loop between the Release, Control and Resolution processes. This step implements metrics to allow continuous improvement of all of these process areas, to best ensure that business objectives are met.


“Visible Ops describes four steps to control an IT environment. The unassailable logic behind these steps is based on the practical experience of the authors, Gene Kim and Kevin Behr. These same steps can easily be mapped to any maturity model and Visible Ops hence describes a roadmap to maturity.

This book is released from IT Process Institute (ITPI). ITPI is an independent research organization that exists to support the membership of IT operations, security, and audit professionals. Our mission is to identify practices that are proven to improve the performance of IT organizations.

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Title : The Visible Ops Handbook (Mieru Unyou)
Sub title : Starting ITIL in 4 practical steps
Author : Kevin Beher, Gene Kim, George Spafford
Translator : Atsushi Kanno
Publisher : Seiun-sha
Price : 3,150 Yen
ISBN : 4-434-07296-X