We can provide various type of training course and seminar for IT service management. Some organization would like to quick solution about IT staff training. Some others need to let their staff have ITIL Foundation qualification in service management. We can coordinate IT service management training course to satisfy customer's requirement. If customer want to something new, we will discuss about that, and are going to develop a new course for it. Here is a typical training course to understand IT Service Management overview.


Our One-day-seminar will help you to understand IT Service Management overview quickly.


We can provide IT Service Management introduction seminar to people who is not familiar with ITSM. Though it takes just one day, you can learn overview of IT service management framework. This seminar is designed for beginners of IT Service Management.


+ Clear, effective and efficient explanation
+ Focused on most important ITSM key concepts
+ Concrete explanation by using topic from daily life
+ Use original excellent text with figures and charts
+ Experienced and skillful instructor, who have ITIL manager's and expert's certifications


9:30-10:30 IT Service Management
10:10-10:40Service Operation
(Lunch time)
13:00-14:00Service Transition
14:10-15:00Service Design
15:10-16:00Service Design(Cont.)
16:10-16:40Service Strategy
16:40-17:10Continual Service Improvement(CSI)