Chapter 1

What is Linux?

In explaining about Linux, I will learn the basic knowledge of basic software and application software which is necessary knowledge for it. We will also learn how basic software is used, their features and even the basic software, "kernel" and "user land" function.

Contents of this Chapter

1.1 Basic and applied software
1.1.1 Role of OS
1.1.2 Convenient and inconvenient points in OS
1.2 UNIX
1.2.1 Birth of UNIX
1.2.2 Various separation and integration
1.2.3 Derivation UNIX
1.2.4 Birth of Linux
1.3 Characteristic of UNIX system OS
1.3.1 Kernel and User land
1.3.2 Using UNIX
1.3.3 Shell
1.3.4 Login
1.4 Distribution
1.4.1 Birth of distribution
1.4.2 Package
1.5 The chapter test

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