Chapter 5

Text editor

This chapter explains vi(wim) text editor, which is always used when setting up UNIX. At the first time, we learn save command and end command, which are very basic operation of text editor. Next we will learn two kind of mode of vi editor, Command input mode and Text editing mode. We also learn cut and paste, string search and change operation.

Contents of this Chapter

5.1 Save and Exit
5.1.1 Open a file and exit
5.1.2 Quit without saving
5.1.3 Saving a file
5.1.4 Exit with saving a file
5.2 Insert mode and command mode
5.2.1 Input text
5.2.2 Move cursor
5.3 Jump long distance
5.3.1 Page jump
5.3.2 Jump to the specific line
5.4 Cut and Paste
5.4.1 Cut and paste characters
5.4.2 Undo previous cut or paste
5.4.3 Cut and paste lines
5.4.4 Copy and paste lines
5.5 Replacement and retrieve
5.5.1 Retrieve a string
5.5.2 Replace a string
5.5.3 The easiest usage of vi command
5.6 Exercise
5.7 The chapter test

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