Chapter 2

Basic Command 1

UNIX is basically operated by commands input. In this chapter, we learn basic concept about UNIX's file and directory first. In addition, we will learn file operation commands and some fundamental commands required when using UNIX

Contents of this Chapter

2.1 Operation of file
2.1.1 File and Directory
2.1.2 Reference to files and directories (ls)
2.1.3 Copy of file (cp)
2.1.4 Move of file (mv)
2.1.5 Remove of file (rm)
2.2 Operation of directory (pwd,cd,mkdir,rmdir)
2.2.1 Display current directory (pwd)
2.2.2 Change directory (cd)
2.2.3 Make directory (mkdir)
2.2.4 Remove directory (rmdir)
2.2.5 Special directory
2.2.6 Absolute path and Relative path
2.3 Display contents of a file
2.3.1 Display contents of a file (cat)
2.3.2 Display with pager
2.4 Search file
2.4.1 Search file(find)
2.5 Command Path
2.5.1 Command path
2.5.2 Display command path (which)
2.6 Usage of manual
2.6.1 Section
2.7 Exercise
2.8 The chapter test

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